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    On January 17, 1994 when I knocked on his door, and for the next 8 years I went twice a year to visit him we did have a relationship. It is a great life, the bad times are gone and it is glorious life bound together by the times he spent with his father and with Joseph in peace and harmony. This is the meaning of the word – I want to add another meaning of the Medresh. These words imply personal satisfaction and not answering your enemy or being victorious.I was with my father from the date I was born in 1953 to 1970, then from 1994 to his death in 2002. I want to say that the Medresh is telling us a comment on human psyche.This coming Wednesday, Tamuz 11, is my father’s Yahrzeit. Korach initially appears to be motivated by spirituality, however, he aligns himself with bad characters, Dasan and Aviram, the same Dasan and Aviram who were Moshe’s enemies from Egypt. Robinson’s great portrayal of Dasan (or Dathan) in the movie, the Ten Commandments. Dasan and Aviram reject’s Moshe’s olive branch, refuses to meet with Moshe, and sends a verbal assault via the messenger back to Moshe, as conveyed in verses 13 and 14.. I was surprised that Rashi translates it as “distressed” . The source of Rashi is the Medresh, as follows: Refer to the explanation in the bottom of the Medresh who explains it, as follows: When someone has an argument with another and is able to respond to his antagonist, the person has satisfaction (he is able to answer the verbal assaults).I did not see my father from 1970 to 1994, for 24 years. Last Wednesday we had lunch with Kenny and Tzippy who were in Chicago for a wedding. Rashi choose to not translate V”Yichar word as anger. However, when the person being attacked – the victim, cannot answer his antagonist, the victim has pain, grief, and aggravation. They did not appear before Moshe with their attack, so that Moshe could not respond to them.

    He said that Jews can only go back to Israel with God bringing the messiah and the Jews have to wait in Europe and America. Went to visit Rabbi Jonathan Gross’s father in law, Aaron, Mashie’s father. Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchok Levin was the first child named after Reb Avrohom Yitzchok Kook, after Rabbi Kook passed away.

    I spoke to him on the phone but it was not a relationship. Shoshana, Danny, Tova Tamara, and Tiferet Tzippora moved to Indianapolis. Rashi seems to argue on Targum Onkyls who translates V’Yichar as anger. Moshe tried to make peace, they turned on him, and got the upper hand.

    My mother was very angry that I went to visit, but it was something I had to do. At times life truncates, years merge, and intervening years drop out because they do not matter to the relationship. My years may be off, but he leaves his father at age 58, comes back to his father at age 94, is with his father for 15 - years, goes thorough suffering when his son, Joseph, is gone for 22 years, reunites with Joseph at age 130. Moshe was publicly humiliated, embarrassed and he was distressed.

    The drink hit me with a boost of energy and I was wide awake.

    I used up my three hour window, so I had to put the pedal to the metal.

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