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    The last reason to select XP over other alternatives is gaming. (Vox) 1/ The Trump Administration started with a big lie over a small thing.

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    At Elite Singles, our passion is helping compatible singles to connect via online dating.It’s something we have vast experience with: as part of a global network of leading online dating sites, we create an average of 2000 new couples each Our aim is to offer busy Canadian singles a streamlined online dating service.Whale chooses that moment to yank at her arm as he layers the plaster. ” She looks over at him, glaring, and he shrugs an apology. She’s five feet and four inches of intimidation in stockinged feet and Emma should not be, like, turned on by this. The pain meds are already going to her head, not helped by the drugs Whale gave her at the hospital earlier to dull the pain of her fractured arm. “Ifelloffthetrollbridgechasing Pongo.” The drawn, anxious look on Regina’s face melts away as she deciphers what Emma has spat out and she laughs, the sound deep and tugging at something in the very core of Emma. “You’re supposed to be nice to the injured,” Emma replies, pouting. She returns when Emma has snuggled under the covers of the duvet in the guest bedroom. “Thanks, Regina,” she murmurs, her silhouette all Emma can see in the dim light and through half-closed eyes. Just a couple of quick questions.” Henry looks like he might puke, which, well, she could have told him that pickles and salami were a stupid combination. He leers back at her and mouths “cop a feel” and Emma leaps away from Regina, upending popcorn into her lap. IV: You bought me at a charity auction and you’re probably a serial killer “I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” Emma says, pulling faces at herself in the mirror as she lets Snow make the final adjustments on her gown. “Her décolletage was really quite magnificent.” “Gross, Mom,” Emma had said mildly.) “It’s a bit of fun, darling,” Snow says, tucking an errant curl back behind Emma’s ear.There is silence down the phone, before she hears the dial tone. “That went spectacularly.” The next thing she knows, however, Regina bursts into the room in a whirl of angry energy. I can make lives miserable.” “Okay,” Whale says, drawing out the last syllable. I’ll let you and the missus have some time alone.” “We’re not…” Emma starts but Whale has left the room and all of Regina’s intensity is now focused on her. It’s probably a concussion – not the fact that Henry wasn’t going to be present at what Emma had assumed was a family dinner – even though Whale has determined that she doesn’t have a concussion, that the scrape on her forehead is superficial. “Good night, Emma,” Regina says and closes the door, enveloping Emma in darkness. “There’s a film on tonight that I would like to see,” she says. “No.” “What movie am I going to with your mom tonight? Her arm is out of plaster now and she wonders whether she’s imagining her recently healed arm to be smaller than the other arm. “You look beautiful.” David is the master of ceremonies and he grins at her when Emma approaches the edge of the stage to get auctioned off rather like one might approach the firing squad.

    Regina’s brow furrows, just the faintest indent between her eyebrows. “You’re not an entirely worthless sheriff.” Emma beams at the compliment and continues.

    ” Henry asks, looking disgusted, and Emma throws the shirt at him because it’s not like that. She arrives at La Bella Notte four hours later – running late to the astonishment of approximately no one – to find Regina already seated at a table in the corner.

    It’s secluded, which Emma appreciates because she’s not sure she wants all of Storybrooke to hear what Regina thinks of her work ethic. After a few minutes of small talk – Henry, how if they never hear Snow complain about swollen ankles again it’ll be too soon, the book Regina’s reading for her book club with Kathryn and Granny – Emma feels it’s time they get down to business.

    She’s willing to bet that it’s a penny exactly over the amount of money in his bank account.

    “And the charity date with the saviour is sold to the evil queen,” David says and adds more quietly, “nice bit of symmetry there.” Emma is handed a hamper (because the date is apparently immediately after auction (wouldn’t want to women to change their minds and dodge calls) and escorted off stage and handed over to Regina.

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