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    Breguet, Brown, Masson, Rey, Armand, Constantinowitz / Konstantynowicz, Duflon and history of research on telegraph, radio and electricity. Petersburg University, shortly after the birth of Alexander, left her husband, lawyer in Warsaw and in 1889 married a second time to the officer of the Guards F. Kublitski Piottuch, Catholic, in service entered September 1, 1876. 12 July 1819 in Kulgajewka, the Klimovichi county, the Mohylew by Dniepr government; Andrzej was owner of Kulgajewka village, but all villagers were taken by Ignacy Ciechanowiecki and removed on new places. Karl Hagelin was closest advisor for Emmanuel, because Wilhelm Hagelin, his father, had been employed by Ludvig Nobel as a manager of the St.Deka Company in Petersburg, Moscow and Zaporoze - Russian engines and airplanes. A fortunes of Poles in this remote easterly territories of the former Both Nations Republic turned out differently than by Vistula, because not a few Poles had got to choose military service in the Russian Army since the end of the 18th cent. The first wife unknown, 2nd wife 1799 Fiedosja Kuzminicz who d. Petersburg factory; 1899, Karl Hagelin was called back to St.On May 13, 1937, he was arrested..." All on the life of the noble Konstantinovich family in tsarist Russia 1772 to 1918. Her father Levan Bagration-Gruzinsky, born Moscow 1739, or 1730 acc. He was in 1753 married to Alexandra Yakovlevna Sibirsky b. Her grandfather Bakar I King of Kartli, born Kutaisi 1700, married Anna Eristavi of Aragvi b. Her great-grandfather Vakhtang VI King ofin Negine in the Kiev government or in Perejaslaw-Chmelnyzkyj, d.The Duflon and Konstantinovich Company 1892 - 1918 in tsarist Russia. Above named Anna Bagration-Gruzinskaja of Mukhrani born 1753, died in Moscow, February of 1812, married Alexander Petrovich Dadiani b. 1843, his parents: Count Christian Louis Casimir of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Ludwigsburg and his first wife Countess Amalie Ludowika Finck von Finckenstein. He was married two times: to Amalie Ludowika Finck von Finckenstein and to Anna Petrovna Dolgorukova. 04 November 1854 died 7 September 1936; 5 October 1858 was born Pietr Nikolajevich Trubeckoj and b.

    Breguet replaced his telegraph also called the French telegraph, which was standard equipment on French railways and L. The ADFGVX system was put into service by the Germans near the end of World War One. Przhilentsky / Przylencki, who served in the office until 1917; during February - April 1915 on the radio were appointed Lieutenant D. 1859 died in 1932 - a nephew of Alfred Nobel, control of the company passed to Hagelin. Wilhelm was given a post in the technical laboratory where he experimented with chemical processes for production of light oil fractions. In 1891, he was first promoted to technical director and then office manager in Baku. He had joined the company in 1879, director in 1899. His first job, the supervision of the construction of an electric power station on one of the Nobel oil fields in Baku. Piotr Wodziński, a year ago (2011, Merkuryusz), after reading the 'three very interesting books' published an article 'Not only Enigma', wrote Mariasz in March 2012 at Petersburg established the Russian joint stock company of electrical plants 'Siemens and Halske'. Remmert appointed head of business wireless telegraphy in the Marine Department. Petersburg 'Branch for wireless telegraphy system'. 1905, Naval Department made a contract with JSC Russian electrical plants 'Siemens and Halske' for delivery to the Navy 24 stations of the 'Telefunken'. At the beginning of 1868 in private house on the 1st line of Vasilievsky island in St. Geisler in 1874 in his apartment opened small electromechanical workshop; here was repairing telegraph 'Belle Black' and also master L. Josef in 1884 start to produce a small - wire switches.and a later step-by-step telegraph system in 1847 ... In 1842 tests were made with optical telegraph at night. In 1921, a special department was founded by the government, for exploitation of gave a classification of ciphers which do not propagate distortions. In 1883, the French teacher and writer Auguste Kerckhoffs set forth six basic requirements of cryptography. Boris Hagelin in 1922 was appointed to represent their interests in the company. Belyamin as the company's chairman of the board ... In spring 1917, Hagelin travelled to Baku, continuing onboard the K. was born in 1892, in Adschikent, a small summer resort. My Swedish activities were transferred to CRYPTO AG, and since the name 'Hagelin Cryptos' had already become well known before i World War II the enterprise grew so fast that in 1966 a new manufacturing and administration building was built in Zug - Steinhausen". The priority of this case belonged to the German entrepreneur V.manufactured the rotating mirror Fizeau-Foucault apparatus ... In 1845 test of electrical telegraph was made along the railway route, the Breguet two - needle telegraph, too. Aleksandr Osipovich Gelfond investigated the complexity of the discrete logarithm problem. By 1860 large codes were in common use for diplomatic communications, and cipher systems had become a rarity for this application. 1802, developed the Playfair Code, a table system that was easy to use. He formulated procedures for long-term diplomatic codes. 1925 when Damme moved to Paris to collaborate with the telegraph companies (Breguet-Brown), Boris Hagelin headed the firm. In 1906, he was appointed Swedish consul general in St. His father was a Swede, who had been born in St Petersburg in 1860. Damm also constructed purely mechanical machine which printed both the plaintext and the ciphertext. Damm aimed to interest the large telegraph companies in his machine. Gabrilovich established in Petrograd, the Universal Russian company of radio - telegraph, radio - telephone and electric devices (VRKR). Siemens who in 1853 founded in the Russian capital firm called 'Trading House of Siemens and Halske' were performed under a government orders a series of telegraph lines.Since 1903 an honorary member of the Nikolaev Naval Academy, was also the chairman of the Eng. In exile, was the honorary chairman of the Union of Russian military pilots and he was the patron of the National Organization for Russian scouts. See: Victor Madeira, 2004; Ralph Erskine, 2004; Stephen Budiansky, 2000; Michael Smith; Thomas R. The General Staff and Naval Staff of that time both had their own signals intelligence and cryptographic units. The first successful attempts to break foreign cipher traffic were made in spring 1933, when they succeeded in breaking the cipher then used by the OGPU (later the KGB).He was in France in 1909 and next established the Volunteer Aerial Association under his presidency (All Russian Aero Club) and set up the first military aviation school in Sebastopol in 1909 or 1910 - finally formed at Sevastopol (Sebastopol) for the winter 1912 and in Gatchina for the summer 1912; near to Russian military intelligence. These breaks into foreign military ciphers were probably the first to be made in Sweden after the First World War". 1892 in Adzhikent, the Elizavetpol province, now Azerbaijan, was Swedish entrepreneur, inventor of encryption devices.

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