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    You may even find that online dating isn’t right for you – if that’s the case, all the better to find out without investing much into the process.

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    If you don't mind telling me - did nature run its course for you or was there a medical intervention?I am so glad that you got pregnant 10 days later as I want to start trying straight away but depending on what the outcome is (ectopic or not) then I may have to wait a few cycles which I really don't want to do.....Hence the message to you as if you did carry to full term then I can still have hope. L x Hi there...i came across this by chance and didnt click it was my original post back in march time!Sadly for me it did end in a miscarriage.signs were there but i just really didnt want to see it or accept it!HAs anyone got any reassuring stories..looked up on net and some peoples hcg levels do rise slowly at first so im holding onto that at the mo even tho i dnt think ill miscarry cheryl OMG pardon my french but what a complete *******! I had 3 mc last year and never got past 5 1/2 weeks. Im due to be scanned again in 2 weeks and i have my fingers crossed.

    My Thu test was over 400 (cant remember exact figure), 2 days later it was 579.

    How horrible for you, hope you are ok I dont what the exact levels are supposed to be but surely every pregnancy is different and th fact that your levels are still rising is a good sign surely? They have seen a viable pregnancy with levels slowly rising but still rising none the less i just dnt see how it can tell me for definate that its unhealthy, everywhere are the net states that 85% of women hcg levels double....there are 15% that dont and some women must not double but carry a healthy baby.

    Im sure others will be along shortly with some advice Xxx I dont know too much about the HCG levels but I had a scan at 5 weeks and all they saw was a sac in the right place (same as yours) no baby, came back 2 weeks later and there was a little baby heartbeating away! Im just worried at the mo...mean to come across in a bad way but im hopin all is well cheryl Thank you for being honest with me but my gut feeling is going against what you are saying. I am experiencing no pains, no cramps, i feel fine in myself which i do understand could still mean impending miscarriage.

    Ive had 5 children before and never miscarried before either. If its not then chances are the pregnancy will terminate I read forums desperate for good news but just made it worse all these stories how it all worked out for them. My hcg levels were low in my pregnancy with my twins as my tests were only faint when i was late with them and i went on to find out i was having twins.

    The doctor said come bk in 2 weeks for a scan but i expect u to miscarry before then anyway..about having some tact!! For some reason i dnt believe im going to miscarry not matter what he thinks due to my levels but i am however still worried and came out of hospital and cried my eyes out, my partner had to come out of work and meet me cus i was so upset! Really I needed someone to tell me there was no hope so I could accept. Went to A&E and my hcg came back at 5 and they basically accused me of 'having a period' despite my positive pregnancy tests from 3 days before period was due. I have researched the net non stop and ive found quotes from health professionals saying that slow rising hcg levels do not necessarily mean impending miscarriage, some women do just have slow rising hcg.

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