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    This makes the resulting contract void or voidable. Duress: Since mutual assent must be voluntary, if the consent is acquired by force or the threat of force and against the will of one of the parties, the consent is ineffective. Physical force: If physical force or the threat of immediate physical force is used to compel a party to agree to a contract, the resulting contract is void. Economic force: In some cases, the duress comes in the form of economic and social coercion.If these threats leave the party with no reasonable alternative, but to agree to the contract, the resulting contract is voidable at the option of the offeree.As if taken straight from the Jewish Manifesto for world conquest, “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion,” Saban outlined the very same blueprint as laid down by the learned elders over a century ago.Describing his influence peddling in ‘protocol’ fashion, Saban specified three ways for Jews to be influential in American politics: “Make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.” In articulating his program, Saban said nothing different than what the Protocols put forth some one hundred years before. A document demonstrating a deep hatred toward the “Goyim,” the Protocols is the text of a series of addresses made to an inner circle of Jewish conspirators in late 19th century Russia by Asher Ginzberg, detailing his plans for achieving world Jewish conquest.Fraud in the execution: Fraud in the execution takes place when, due to fraud, a person who signs a contract does not even realize that he or she is entering into a contractual relationship.When a contract is induced by fraud in the execution, the resulting contract is void.

    Jewish billionaire and media mogul, Haim Saban, announced his formula for influence peddling.c) Assumption of risk: Where one or more parties assume the risk that a mistake may have been made, the law cannot offer a remedy.Example: Buyer of a used car does so in “as is” condition.2) Obligation to break the silence: In some cases, a party is obligated to disclose information that only he or she may have regarding the subject of the contract.These involve cases where the information is fundamental to the contract, the facts would not have been discovered through ordinary inspection, and good faith dealing would require that the information be disclosed.

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