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    News reports from as early as 2014 suggest that the Grindr app warned users about potential danger when they logged in from Egypt. Support for a supranational organisation was highest in India (84 per cent), China (78 per cent) and South Africa (76 per cent).

    Speed dating posters

    I made posters to hang up in my classroom for them (and me!

    ) to reference, but I also wanted to create an activity to get them up and moving about.

    Besides, let me make a fool of myself with the cheezy delivery and you can just sit back and roll your eyes with the kiddos. ;-) Laminate some butcher paper book covers with cuts out on the back for bar codes! (I deliberately chose books I had several of copies of that I hid on a cart- so that if they were checked out I didn't have to do all the work over again - pop in the next copy! Switching a lot means that kiddos keep moving, talking, and it creates a sense of urgency. "After a couple turns I'll call out that the first 6 kiddos checking out books will get a scratch and sniff bookmark and then they can go, put up their feet, read their new book and hang out in our READING LOVE LOUNGE. ") To the kiddos: "Don't want to check out a book today? I'm not gonna to force you - I just want you to see what's out there! " LOL I'll then ask the cooperating teacher now to help out with the timer as I scoot over to the circ desk and check out the books. Esp, if I don't have a media asst there or a parent volunteer available- and most times, I don't [sad face]) The last round the kiddos can go anywhere in the library to find that "just right" book and then-- in the space of about 15 min almost every kid has a book & they're all smiles!

    I tell the kiddos: "No sitting down - to find true book love, sometimes you have to be quick on your feet & ready to pounce on the right book!

    I want to share with you a favorite book selection activity that the kids dig, is super silly and fun, creates a lot of excitement, and makes the books fly out of the library!

    I first blogged about this with you back in 2013, added a genre twist last year, and now I've added a video and a few new tweaks!

    The first step is for them to be able to recognize how many significant figures there are in a number.Session Leaders: Manfred Peritsch (IMG Innovation-Management-Group Gmb H) Vera Enzi (Grünstatt Grau, EFB) Industry Speed Dating Programme 4.00 – 4.15 | Keynote introduction to markets, trends in green infrastructure (Manfred Peritsch) 4.15 – 4.20 | Introduction by moderators to the interactive part of the session 4.20 – 4.40 | 120-second industry pitches on the main stage Q&A session with a strong structure, question forms filled in by participants and pinned on the pinboard at the start.The industry partner picks some of the most interesting questions for the discussion, with on-line voting tool to answer any unanswered questions after the session / in Day 2.The trick to staging this activity is to create messy inviting piles of books on each table (by subject, genre, or type), leaving some some flat, some standing up, and just pile it up and add signage. Srsly, the video above saves your voice, time, is a partial flip addition, and it adds extra cheese to the lesson. ) Choose a few books, write short provocative blurbs on oversized post-it notes and rubber band em up! Let the cooperating ELA to Reading teacher wander around making suggestions or pointing out a "good lookin possibility! " It's OK if you're already in a committed reading relationship - I don't want you to cheat on book you've already checked out! I know there are a LOT more ways to do this and some of my favorite teacher librarians do even more intricate dating and book set ups.

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