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1426 ti 1430 [Ms 9531/5 ] Takeley V 35 1439 to 1449 [Ms 9531/6 ] Takeley R 66 1449 to 1489 [Ms 9531/7 ] Takeley V 13, 127, 136, 164, 180, 210. farmer for iij dayes and Ahalfe x d ob & Sum v s iij d ob D/Dce A17 ? hay At heynlay At your hoste howe iij s iiij d Sumvij d D/Dce A20 needs to be looked at again. odye pecok xi d Itm to Wyllyam herde vi d Itm to Wyllyam su??? Itm that my wyffe holbe to John godfrey at the last rekenyng Itm Resteyng synne ij qtr malt per the qtr Itm for hey qtr iiij d D/Dce A 24 At Ongre iiij die decembre Ao xv o In ?? Melius man ii d It to the Steward at P/e court viij d It At dyner At Ongre vi d It for horsmete there ii d ob It to William herde iii d It at Chekevell hombyd?? This grant is made because of the difficulties of travel along the way between de Hauville’s house and the church. 20s rent Clergy named in the St Valery register, New College. 8.9 John Reynes, Vicar of Takeley 1391/2 William Temple, late Vicar of Takeley 1463 William, Vicar of Takeley 1292 From Essex Review Vol 19 1910 The church screen was erected by Miss Ross in memory of her father and sister at Takeley dedicated July 31st by the Bishop of St Albans. The oak panelling in the chancel, new choir stalls and new oak communion table, with some fresco painting on the walls, were the gift of Miss Ross formerly of Hatfield Grange Records relating to the gifts of lands or money/lands for lights etc. John, Prior of Thremhall Priory gave up the priory’s claim ti the advowson of the church of Takeley c.1241-1250 in return for three rods of land which are held in the “de robis” in the parish of Takelye between the land formerly of Clemence le Potter and the land of Huogonis le Tornour Witnesses included John de Bassingbourne and Walter le Tanner. With a house close to the church suitable for residence with the whole said church with the house to the said church belonging to the fabric of the church of the blessed Paul of London in perpetuity assigned, reserving to the said Abbot and monks a tenth which in the parish of the said church they consent. D/D4 543/3 28 September 1636 Messuage etc late in the occupation of Michael Bruce, approximately 1 acre with orchards etc towards the East, and by the land of Philip Bruce on the East, by Chase lane leading to Takeley Church on the West. Peacable possession and seizing of ye within mencioned ground and bargained premises was done and taken and delivered by the within named John English unto the within named Thomas Ray according to the tenor Effect and true intent of this deed in the presence of Charles Hallett, Tho Wragg. 6 September 1686 2 James 2 Indenture between Hannah Knollys of Stansead Mountfichet, co. Goods etc not alienated delivered into the hands and custodie of the said Thomas Miller and John Brewer. A vestment of chaungaeable sarsnett on the one side and grene sarsnett on the other side, with all things belonging to it for the priste to ware. A vestment of black Caffa with an albe, ij tunacles of grene Caffa with their albes.